Monday, June 15, 2009

Zone 2 Chairperson Designate Chai Si Kar – Incoming RURAL COMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICE At Kg Rundum & Sumambu, Tenom 26 – 28 June 2009


Perkhidmatan Perubatan & Luar Bandar

Anjuran bersama Kelab Lions

Kg Rundum & Sumambu, Tenom

Day 1 - 27/6/2009 Saturday (SABTU)

8 am

Depart from Tenom for Rundum (Please get ready your packed lunch)

12 noon

Expected to arrive at Kg Rundum Allocation of accommodations and setting up of service booths

Location: Rundum

2 PM

Services Perkhidmatan

Medical Consultation and Treatment

Rawatan Perubatan

Maternal and child health Services by the staff from KKIK Tenom

Klinik Ibu & Kanak-kanak

Dental Services

Klinik Pergigian

Eye Clinic

Klinik Mata

Eye Screening & Prescription of reading glasses

Pemeriksaan mata + Kaca Mata

Health Education

Pendidikan Kesihatan

Children coloring contest and fellowship

Pertandingan Mewarna

Deworming/ Vitamins

Ubat Cacing/Vitamin

Donation of food and essential items

Makanan Harian

Talk on temperate vegetables/ crops planting including distribution of seedlings

Taklimat cara menanam buah-buahan, Pemberian anak pokok buah-buahan

4 PM

Games & 4x4 motor show


7 PM

Dinner & Cultural Performance/ Entertainment

Makan malam, Persembahan Kebudayaan

Video Show

Persembahan Video

Overnight at SK Rundum

Bermalam di SK Rundum


Day 2 28/6/2009   Sunday (AHAD)

7 AM

Breakfast for the children (Roti Canai)

Sarapan Roti Canai

8 AM

Depart for Kg Sumambu

Bertolak ke Sumambu

10 AM

Expected to arrive at Kg Sumambu

Tiba di Kg Sumambu

Location: Sumambu

Medical & Health Services

Perkhidmatan Perubatan

Medical Consultation and Treatment


Maternal and child health Services

Klinik Ibu & Kanak-kanak

Dental Services

Klinik Pergigian

Eye Clinic 

Klinik Mata

Eye Screening + reading glasses

Kaca Mata

Deworming / Vitamins

Ubat Cacing/Vitamin

Talk on Padi planting

Taklimat cara menanam padi

Distribution of Padi seeds

Benih Padi

12 PM

Lunch and depart for Tenom

Bertolak ke Tenom

3 AM

Expected to arrive in Tenom Town


Coffee at Fatt Choi Coffee corner Outstation Lions depart for KK


    Please take note:

    • Kg Rundum is situated about 4 hours journey by 4x4 vehicles from Tenom town.
    • Kg Sumambu is situated half way between Tenom and Rundum. Each village has a population of 200-300.
    • 12 University students from Taiwan will be joining us.
    • All Lions Clubs are welcome to participate and are required to arrange their own transport from KK to Tenom and from Tenom to the Kampung. The 2 villages are only accessible by 4WD vehicles. Members from Tenom & Keningau 4x4 Clubs will provide us the technical support.
    • The participating fee is RM 200 per club. However, clubs are also welcomed to contribute in kinds. Any suggestion and feedback on the services to be provided are welcomed.
    • We will put up a night at the school or the Balai at Kg Rundum. Kg Rundum is at the plateau and the weather is rather cooling and at time can be cold. So please get ready your thick clothing/jackets; Sleeping bags and your personal needs

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